How to Charge Crystals

After a crystal is cleansed, it will need to be reprogrammed. Charging your crystals is as important as cleansing them as cleansing resets the vibrations of healing crystals; charging infuses the crystal with natural energy as well as making it personal to you. Putting back the power in the crystal, so to speak. There are […]

How to Cleanse Crystals

Cleansing crystals is an important practice for anyone who utilizes crystal healing on the regular. Because of a crystal’s ability to absorb energy, it’s vital to purify the energy of a stone, especially after it’s been used for protection purposes, but also after you’ve purchased it, as energy often becomes stagnant and can make your […]

Crystals for Creativity

For the artists, creators, musicians, and writers it’s a wide-known fact that being creative can be a challenge at times. Our creative pathways often become blocked as other thoughts and worries push themselves to the forefront. Feeling stuck in the process of creating is not only unproductive, but also frustrating and at times can make […]

Black Crystals

A crystal’s color can reveal a lot about its healing properties as well as give an idea what it’s best used for. Most of the time, you’ll feel a crystal’s energy before you even touch it, and chances are if you’re drawn to the color of a crystal, it’s healing properties will suit your endeavors. […]

Blue Crystals

The color of a crystal alone can give us a basic feel for the energies it brings; we can look at a crystal and instantly feel its magic. As color is determined by a stone’s composition, it can also tell a lot about its healing properties. Blue crystals remind us of clear skies and calming […]

Green Crystals

A crystal’s color has a lot to do with its healing properties; it also determines which energy centers it relates to best. Green crystals are typically associated with wealth, abundance, good luck, and the heart chakra. Here, we’ll take a look at a few examples of green crystals and their healing properties.    Green Aventurine […]

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystal healing is the practice of utilizing a crystal’s natural energy and healing properties for the benefit of the human being as a whole. These healing crystals work with our chakras to bring balance and alignment to the spiritual, emotional, and physical body. The applicable methods vary depending on your intentions, but there’s really no […]

Crystal Bowl Healing

Crystal bowl healing is the practice of manipulating energy with sound and crystal magic. This type of energy healing is especially powerful because it combines the healing vibrations of sound with the natural healing properties of crystals. Typically, in this practice, a crystal wand or mallet is gently glided along the rim of a crystal […]

Crystals For Love And Healing

We all want love in our lives, and we want it for others too. Love is the kind of emotion we can desire for any person in any circumstance. As part of several Buddhist traditions from Tibet, some meditations consist of sending love to others, those we like, and those we don’t. Love indeed puts […]

Crystal Healing and Sacred Pleasure

Joy and happiness are often elusive. Sometimes we get the impression there is a shortage of these elements in the universe. It is not the case. We stir our lives away from many of the things we want. We just do it unconsciously.  It is the teaching of many traditions: the plenitude of happiness is […]

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