Crystal Wand Water Bottle + Protective Sleeve (Bamboo) 💧

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Why are people choosing to drink from crystal water bottles? With powerful crystals allies, you can infuse your water with your highest blueprint for love, peace, and well-being. Water has an actual memory and it's molecular structure can be positively affected by the thoughts and intentions we infuse into it.

Product Design:
* The bottles hold 550ml of pure energized crystal water (18Oz).
* Swap between different crystal inserts for different intentions/moods.
* No chemical-adhesives, (The crystal is wired and drilled into insert)
* Non-toxic Natural Bamboo design.
* Easy dis-assembly to wash in dishwasher
* Carry-case included.
* Environmentally friendly materials, reusable and durable.

💚Choose from Crystal Inserts:
Citrine - Abundance, Joy & Manifestation
Clear Quartz - Clarity, Vitality g & Energy Amplification
Amethyst - Tranquility, Intuition & Protection
Smoky Quartz - Grounding, Protection & Release
Obsidian -
Protection, Grounding & Transformation
Rose Quartz -
Love, Compassion & RenewalCrystal Wand Water Bottle + Protective Sleeve (Bamboo)Crystal Water Bottle Benefits:
💚 Crystals radiate potent vibrations, elevating their surroundings. When in a water bottle, they create a harmonious dance, infusing water with captivating energy. Experience a rejuvenating elixir, empowering your spirit.

💚 Crystal water bottles are not only a source of wonder but also environmentally friendly, aligning with the values of conscious living.

💚The magic of water memory means that your intentions combined with powerful crystals can become a powerful daily ritual helping you to manifesting your dreams.

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