Large (4.85 lbs.) Quartz Crystal (Item #0058)

$349.00 $550.00

Introducing a truly gorgeous find for crystal enthusiasts – the One-of-a-Kind Large Quartz Crystal, a substantial 2200 grams (4.85 lbs.) of natural wonder.

It's a harmonious fusion of natural quartz points, elegantly blending clear, opaque, and captivating inclusions. These diverse elements come together seamlessly, crafting a truly magnificent large specimen that exudes an enchanting and harmonious energy, guaranteed to captivate your senses and infuse your space with its unique charm.

What sets this Quartz Crystal apart is its unique energy. Its presence is captivating, radiating a sense of tranquility and harmony that can transform any space into a sanctuary of positive vibes. Placing it in your home or workplace can enhance the energy flow, fostering a sense of balance and clarity.

This Quartz Crystal isn't just a mere ornament; it's a lifelong gift to yourself or a cherished loved one. Its intricate details and distinctive internal structure make it a symbol of the beauty of nature itself. Embrace the wonder of this 4.85-pound masterpiece and let it infuse your life with its mesmerizing energy, making every day a little more magical.


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