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Amethyst – The All Purpose Stone

Amethyst is a beautiful stone with several benefits. It vibrates at a high frequency, which creates spiritual protection that blocks out the lower negative frequencies and energies. It helps to awaken higher consciousness, assisting in clear-headed decision-making that is free of emotional confusion. It helps with meditation and intuition. Physical Energy Properties: Amethyst has strong […]

Labradorite Crystal for Third Eye Magic, Mystery and Love Protection

Do you love crystals? Or are you just new to the world of crystals and alternative therapies? Regardless of where you are in your journey; it helps to learn more about different crystals and their energy properties. One of the best crystals you can have in your crystal collection is labradorite, a very magical looking […]

Want To Attract More Money Make Sure You Have The Right Crystals

Crystals are more than just stones to look at. Crystals can be used for their positive energy, meditating and attracting things into your life. There are different ways to use crystals to help you benefit from their positive energy. To start, you can hold your crystal, quiet your mind for a minute or two of […]

This Is The Crystal You Should Have, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Learn more about which crystal you should own and carry in this simple guide. Everyone has a unique crystal that they should own and carry each day, and the crystal you should own is revealed by your Zodiac sign. This simple guide will show you which gemstones will help you the most depending on your […]

11 Crystals That Open Your Third Eye Fast!

Crystals and gemstones are beautiful to look at and wear, but they also have energy balancing properties. They aid in meditation and spiritual balance and are used in many spiritual practices. This video from Spirilution shares the energy qualities of crystals and how they can help us balance our chakras which are the seven energy […]

Use These 8 Stones to Attract More Money and Wealth

When trying to attract more wealth and money into your life, you can use these eight stones for manifesting money. It might seem a bit confusing, as there is different information out there. However, when you are in doubt which stones are best at manifesting money, you can wear an abundance necklace or carry an […]

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