11 Crystals That Open Your Third Eye Fast!

Crystals and gemstones are beautiful to look at and wear, but they also have energy balancing properties. They aid in meditation and spiritual balance and are used in many spiritual practices. This video from Spirilution shares the energy qualities of crystals and how they can help us balance our chakras which are the seven energy centres in the subtle energy body. One of the chakras in your chakra system is your third eye chakra which is the sixth chakra, and it’s located between your eyebrows. It governs your spiritual senses and your intuition, and it’s also linked to the inner vision you have while you’re dreaming.

Each of the chakras is related to a different colour as well, and the third eye chakra’s colour is indigo. Indigo is a deep blue that’s almost deep violet which is a very healing colour. Just as each of the chakras corresponds to a colour, they also correspond to a crystal or a gemstone. So the third eye chakra has a number of crystals that it corresponds to. These crystals will help you to hone the spiritual abilities that are present with this chakra, and you can connect with your intuition better as well.

  1. The first crystal that can help open your third eye chakra is Clear Quartz Crystal which is usually called the master crystal. It’s a crystal that can be used for pretty much any purpose which is why it gets this name. It can also amplify the energy of your other crystals and yourself too.
  2. The second crystal that’s perfect for the third eye is Lapis Lazuli which is a deep indigo blue just like the colour that corresponds to the third eye chakra. This gorgeous crystal opens your mind and helps you with spiritual balance and development. It’s also a strong protector, and it can also help you remember your dreams.
  3. Amethyst is another wonderful crystal that helps you with spiritual balance and intuition. It’s an excellent stone for relaxation which is perfect for bedtime before you fall asleep and drift off into Dreamtime. You can even put a small amethyst crystal under your bed for a more peaceful and dream filled sleep.
  4. Labradorite is a very amazing stone, and just looking at it could help you with meditation and calming the mind. This crystal helps you awaken your psychic and intuitive senses while protecting you. It can also help you understand your purpose in life as well. Put a piece of labradorite on your third eye during meditation.
  5. Moonstone is a gorgeous stone that helps you tune into your psychic abilities; it’s also great for emotional processing and understanding other’s emotions as well.
  6. Moldavite is a stone that is part of an asteroid that collided with the earth, so it provides us with connection to the spiritual realms making it a perfect third eye stone. It can also connect the heart and the third eye which helps you develop your intuition.
  7. Sodalite, much like Amethyst helps to calm and soothe the mind to bring you peace. It helps you open your mind and your intuition which allows you to see things clearly from your own perception and to trust that intuition you get.
  8. Iolite helps to clear and balance the Third-Eye chakra which can bring mental clarity and peace of mind.
  9. Indigo Aura which is also called Tanzan Aura is perfect for activating the Third-Eye chakra as it helps to raise your vibration and clear away anything that no longer serves you.
  10. Herkimer Diamond can help you with visualization and inner vision, and in understanding the bigger picture in your life. It will connect your Third-Eye chakra with your Crown Chakra which connects you to the Universe and spiritual realms.
  11. Last but certainly not least is Unakite which acts as a grounding stone connecting the Third-Eye and the Root Chakra to help you remain centred and balanced as you’re opening your Third-Eye Chakra.

Each of these stones works wonderfully on their own to open the Third-Eye, but having a collection of all 11 of these crystals will really help you on your path to embracing your intuition and working on your intuitive abilities.

11 Crystals That Open Your Third Eye Fast!

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